The UNIC/FIFPro initiative

The university of Nicosia is already present in 19 cities with their own teams in each location. They co-operate with over 400 partner universities around the world.

Thanks to the UNIC/FIFPro initiative, SAFP members can profit from special offers to take part in a 100% online degree with a qualification in:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management and/or Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The criteria is the following:

  • High School Degree (maturation or similar)
  • At least English (C-Level)

The deadline to sign-up for this year’s class is the 15th September 2017. It is also possible to start later with the deadline on the 20th January 2018.

SAFP members profit from a reduction of educational costs of at least 20% with the chance of an even greater reduction decided by the special comities of UNIC and FIFPro.


For further information please contact

Antonio Iacovazzo, SAFP
079-622 0687

or The University of Nicosia UNIC